The Dartmouth House and the Gladys House are located in the heart of Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida.  The house is conveniently located in a thriving area of the city where there is plentiful shopping, dining, and recreational activity.  Hillsborough County public transportation is easily accessible from this location.  There are several twelve step meeting locations in the neighborhood in multiple fellowships.  There are several potential employers located around the community within walking distance.

Tampa, Florida is home to a strong recovery community where multiple twelve step fellowships thrive.  There are several meeting clubhouses throughout the city that offer meetings at almost all hours of the day.  The community is comprised of people of all ages from teenagers to seniors.  Tampa is also home to world class drug and alcohol treatment facilities.  The community is extremely inviting to new members, always looking to be inclusive,  remembering that everyone’s journey started in that same way.