Hope House

A House For Growth

Hope House is a sober living facility for men struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.  The house utilizes a twelve step basis of recovery found in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  Members of the house participate in these twelve step programs as a part of their treatment and use the fellowship of the programs and the house itself as a support network to overcome the difficulty of early sobriety.  Members of the house also participate in random alcohol and drug screenings.  Having these extra measures of accountability have proven over time to produce lasting and meaningful sobriety for the individual.

Hope House prides itself on a strong sense of community.  The small number of residents live, work, and attend twelve step meetings together.  A weekly house meeting keeps members current and ensures that all residents voices are heard and concerns are being addressed.  Members of the recovery community also visit once a week to share their experience achieving sobriety through the twelve steps.  While residents are required to attend twelve step meetings, it is also strongly encouraged that they partake in all that the program has to offer including sponsorship and fellowship.

Hope House was founded out of the need for better sober living facilities in the area.  Recovery houses were often overcrowded and difficult to get into due to waiting list.  The structures themselves were often outdated and uncomfortable.  There was also an opportunity for more accountability, a stronger sense of community, and more direct work with the fellowships of twelve step communities in the area.  It was out of this need that Hope House was created.

Hope House offers a modern living space that is updated and cared for.  The amount of residents is kept at a number that is comfortable, where residents have accountability and are familiar with the owners.  Following the guidelines of the house and its twelve step requirement are of paramount importance.  This ensures that all residents have the best chance of being successful as they navigate life as a newly recovering person.  This also ensures that the house as a whole is a healthy living environment that cultivates recovery in each member of the household.  At Hope House, we recover together.