We had a fantastic day playing softball and BBQ’ing with Real Recovery. Thank you guys for orchestrating the game and feeding us!. We had a fantastic day playing softball and BBQ’ing with Real Recovery. Thank you guys for orchestrating the game and feeding us!


Beach Day

Sometimes recovery is a day at the beach! Or rather, sometimes in recovery you spend a day at the beach.

Having the opportunity to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures is a new freedom that people often find in recovery.

The fellowship found in 12 step groups and at Hope House provides the support that allows people to get out in live life again, in ways that maybe they wouldn’t normally.

Being adjacent to beautiful Florida beaches certainly ins’t a drawback.

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Fun in Recovery

We do recovery.  We also get a little wild from time to time.  Well, maybe not so wild, but we still like to let our hair down, so to speak.  The house recently went bowling to take a break from the nine to five routine, and the seriousness of growing into the men we’ve always wanted to become.   As someone new to recovery, I was worried that I wasn’t going to have any more fun, that things would be laborious and mundane from there on out.  This couldn’t have been farther from the truth.  It turns out that I didn’t need anything but myself to have a good time.  I also never realized that it was doing simple things like eating out or seeing a movie with like-minded people would help create lasting relationships that would foster a new sense of meaning in my life.


Nobody likes a gratitude meeting, but…

At Hope in Recovery, also known as Hope House Tampa, we have had quite a year so far.  We want to extend our special thanks to all those who have made this a great place to be.  It is a long list of people that has helped us to make our start.  We wanted to thank everyone who has donated anything, the items that make this house seem more like a home and especially those in the community who have dedicated their time to speak or work with guys in the house.  We also want to thank everyone for the exceptional word-of-mouth endorsements we have gotten since our opening.  We certainly wouldn’t have experienced the same level of success that we have without all the kind words.  To all the family members of our residence we want to thank you for your gracious support and infinite understanding.  This would certainly be a hard journey to make without the people most important to us.  The growth in our residence is evident and amazing, and we are showing through our actions that recovery is not only possible but substantially worthwhile.  We look forward to continued support and the opportunity to grow beyond the bounds of our imagination.